CPP disability appeals / BC Human Rights Complaints

Most contracts for disability insurance require that you promptly apply for CPP benefits after you become disabled. Failure to apply promptly will compromise your case and you could loose a valuable source of income. Furthermore, disability insurance contracts may have provisions that allowing the insurance company to estimate and deduct what you would have received had you applied. If you become disabled it is imperative that you apply for CPP disability benefits whether or not you have long term disability insurance as soon as possible.

Discrimination on the basis of disability is contrary to the B.C. Human Rights Code. When returning to work, employers must respect and accommodate your medical limitations however it is not uncommon for employers to terminate an employee when they are on extended sick leave or when the insurance company terminates or denies disability insurance benefits despite the employee being unable to return to work. Often, this conduct is in violation of the BC Human Rights Code and you must act promptly to assert and protect your rights.